WaterLink® DataMate® Web for Pool & Spa Retailer and Pool Service Professionals

A complete and customizable water analysis program for Pool and Spa professionals

WaterLink® DataMate® Web
for Pool & Spa Retailer and Pool Service Professionals

Whether your pool and spa business consists of retail stores, traveling service techs treating pools directly in backyards, or a combination of those, WaterLink® DataMate® Web offers a fully featured software solution at an incredibly affordable price. Try it now for 30 days, risk free.


All Your Customers, Collected

Customers are the most important part of your business. The more information you have about them, the better service you can provide. Names, phone numbers, and addresses are just the beginning.

  • Keep photos of your customer’s sites, collected from the mobile app
  • Retain volume, surface type, and other important details about your customer’s pools and spas
  • Attach equipment items like motors and pumps to track serial numbers, installation dates, and warranty periods
  • Review a full water test history, stored automatically each time you perform a water test

No Guess Work Water Analysis

DataMate® Web’s fully featured treatment engine will provide exact dosages of chemicals to balance your customer’s pools and spas. Treatment recommendations, dosage rates, chemical names, even ideal ranges can all be adjusted to suit the chemical products you sell and use. Organized reports can be printed or emailed to your customers so following your instructions and keeping a healthy pool or spa is clear and easy.

  • Water Test Reports generate step-by-step treatment recommendations and chemical dosages to balance your customer’s pool or spa water
  • Enter test results manually, or use a supported meter like the WaterLink® Spin Touch® for the most accurate results possible
  • Customize chemical names, dosage rates, and treatment text to match your chemical products and recommendation methodology. No more hand writing on those reports!
  • Add Product Sizes to your chemicals to activate the shopping cart feature. Let DataMate® Web recommend a bucket of chemicals of the appropriate size to match the treatment recommendation

Full Service and Scheduling

For the service company with a fleet of trucks, or the husband and wife that manage the whole thing on their own, DataMate® Web’s Scheduling and Service module offers a complete system for scheduling appointments, routing mobile users to homeowners, and providing step-by-step work orders, all on the go.

  • Schedule appointments for customers from an easy to use, drag and drop interface
  • Manage schedules for multiple service technicians
  • Appointments can be scheduled as a single, one-off visit, or recurring maintenance. Set whatever interval is right for your needs
  • Assign Tasks to be performed by the onsite tech, like “Empty the Skimmer Baskets” or “Backwash the Filter”
  • Leave notes for your techs, like the fence code or the name of the dog. These will be visible in the mobile app when your tech gets onsite

Get Going with the Free Mobile App

Sign into the DataMate® Web mobile app for Android® and iOS® to complete appointments for customers. Get turn-by-turn GPS directions to your customer’s home, walk through the work order to analyze the water, complete tasks, and even snap a quick picture of the pool or equipment. When complete, an e-doorhanger is emailed to your customer to let them know your tech completed the service.

  • No worries if Sally’s back yard is off the grid, the DataMate® Web mobile app downloads all your work orders for the day, so you can work offline and resync when service is available
  • Schedule Work Orders on the road, directly through the mobile app
  • Review test history and equipment items for pools and spas
  • Enter water test results manually or transfer results via Bluetooth from a supported meter, like the WaterLink® Spin Touch®

Affordable Pricing

Starting at just $19.95 USD per month, DataMate® Web offers a complete water analysis web program for your pool or spa business.

  • Subscriptions covers all features shown here
  • Includes three Concurrent User Licenses – check out the video for a tour on how Concurrent User Licenses work
  • Additional Concurrent User Licenses can be added for $5 USD per month per license
  • The first 30 days are free! Register to start your free 30 day trial now

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