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WaterLink Solutions™ PRO – A professional web-based water analysis program by LaMotte Company


Features That Serve Your Business

Configure Chemicals

Name your chemicals and set a specific dosage strength. Build a library of chemicals for use with your Rules.

Build Rules

Using a drag and drop interface, build Rules to determine when a treatment action should be taken. This flexibility supports any chemical system and treatment plan.

Write Treatment Instructions

Set the treatment instruction text that will appear on the report, customizing with font type, size, even color.

Calculated Dosage

WaterLink Solutions PRO will use the Site volume, chemical dosage strength, and your Rules to calculate a precise treatment dosage and display your instructions.

Pre-Built Chemicals and Profiles

WaterLink Solutions PRO comes with plenty of chemicals and treatment profiles pre-built. We’ve also partnered with top chemical manufacturers, suppliers, and industry experts to supply their brands and recommendations directly.


  • Water Test Data and Reports are stored automatically when a test is completed.

  • Tile colors indicate if a test factor is in range, in a warning state, or emergency state.

  • Set the ranges for these states for each test factor.

  • Results are graphed for visual trend analysis.

  • Get email or system notifications when Test Factor Results pass certain thresholds.


Because a “Client” can mean different things to different organizations, WaterLink Solutions PRO divides a traditional client into three pieces.


Individuals that may require notification when a water test is completed.


A physical location with a water test site. Usually contains an address.


The body of water being tested. A pool or spa, an aquarium, a cooling tower.

These three pieces can be linked together in a variety of different ways to construct “Client” records that are meaningful to your organization.

WaterLink Solutions HOME is a mobile app for Android™ and iOS™ that provides the owner of the Site several of the features available in WaterLink Solutions HOME.

Link up with HOME Users

When you Homelink with WaterLink Solutions HOME users, they are treated like any other customer in your account, including visibility to every water test performed on their Sites, whether you ran them, or the HOME user did.

  • View and run water tests for linked HOME users.
  • HOME Users can test water using the ColorQ 2x and by photoscanning test strips.
  • HOME Users receive results from your Treatment Profiles and Chemicals.
  • Shopping List recommendations from your Products list.
  • Communicate with linked HOME users.



  • Use the Work Calendar to schedule onsite Jobs for your technicians and customers.

  • Schedule appointments to automatically recur: daily, weekly, monthly, and more.

  • Manage a library of Tasks: actions your techs should perform while at the job site.

  • Assign Tasks to Jobs when you schedule them, so your tech knows what to do.

  • The Work Wizard captures completed Tasks, including the amount of chemicals added for each treatment.

  • Capture a photo from the job site.

  • An e-receipt is emailed to the Contact when the Job is complete. A copy of this document is automatically stored with the Site.


  • Create or import SKUs and link them to your Chemicals.

  • Chemicals recommended on the Treatment Report will display linked Products in the shopping cart.

  • Select the quantity of a Product to include it on the report.

  • HOMELINK users can request orders directly through the app.

Your data is important. If you are making the move to WaterLink Solutions PRO, we want you to bring as much of it with you as possible, including your customers and their water test history.

Import from our legacy applications: DataMate 9, DataMate 10, DataMate Web.

If you were not using of our legacy systems, we support a robust import via .csv file.

Each of your employees is a User in WaterLink Solutions PRO. Every user can be assigned a Role to determine what features they can access and what tasks they can complete.


Most users are Testers. They can create and edit Contacts, Properties, and Sites, as well as perform water tests and complete Jobs.


Configuration of Chemicals and Treatment Profiles, scheduling Jobs, and viewing reports are all aspects of the Manager Role.


This is the top administrator. Manage employees, company information, and your subscription. When you create a WaterLink Solutions PRO Account, you will be an Owner.

Special: Operator

Your organization may need to accommodate users that are not employed by it. For example, you may service a public pool and the local lifeguards need to submit water test history. Operators allow this by providing access only to the Sites that Operator needs to see.

Fully Integrated with LaMotte’s best testing equipment

Transfer results directly from LaMotte’s globally leading test devices into WaterLink Solutions PRO. Choose an option above to learn more about how each test method can make your operations run even more smoothly.

Pricing that Works

We are proud to offer every feature WaterLink Solutions PRO has to offer for free. As your business grows, subscription tiers can help WaterLink Solutions PRO match the scale of your organization

Get Started for Free

A single user can access the entire system for free. No limit on customer records or water tests.

Scale up or down at any time

Subscription Tiers increase the number of users that can simultaneously access your account. Increase or decrease your Tier at any time through the Solutions Marketplace.

Simple and Affordable

No additional hidden fees or charges. Sign up for free and check out Subscription Tier pricing in your region within the Solutions Marketplace.

We Support You

Questions or Need Help

Our support teams are here to help you. Whether you just have a few questions, need a tutorial, or want assistance importing your customer database, we’re here for you.

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